Travel - New Zealand 2000

The 8 day Milford Sound hike was the best one l've ever been on.  The group was made up of 15 Japanese [one guy was 74 years old, a psychiatrist], 10 Kiwis, a few Americans, a couple of Indians and a British lass - l was the only Aussie and we all had a great time.

 It virtually rained the entire time so all the rivers flooded and millions of streams cascaded off the mountains. Each day we hiked for about 7 hours so now my
legs are well and truly stuffed - but that's what l wanted. l video-taped the entire hike and all of them on the trek want a copy. On the last day we had to wade across rivers because the river level went up 4 feet in three
hours. Before the hike l had planned not to get my shoes damp, by the second day my shoes, socks, thermals and pants were permanently soaked. l could have been swept away by torrents of water but l wanted to survive. Also my pack became soaked so it doubled in weight - l just laughed and marched on whistling.

This is what l did transport wise: Taxi [to airport], plane [to Christchurch], taxi [to motel], slept, tram, taxi, plane [to Queenstown], bus [to hotel], gondola [up mountain], chairlift, luge [down mountain], chairlift, luge, gondola [down mountain], slept, bus to Te Anau, ferry to
start of hike, hike, slept, hike, slept, hike, slept, hike, slept, bus [to Milford Sound Lodge], slept, large ferry around Milford Sound, bus, plane [to Christchurch], bus [to Cotswold hotel], tram, slept, taxi [to airport], plane [to Melbourne], taxi [to North Melbourne].

Unfortunately, or funnily enough, l left my soaking wet boots in the final lodge drying room. So sensibly l rang the lodge and asked them to post my hiking boots back to me in Australia... well a week later there was a knock knock on my door, and when l opened it, there was the mailman with a parcel. l opened it and there were my hiking boots, still wet.

  Group 75 - Milford Track NZ