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Pictures from my hike in Nepal 1999

l'm back from my incredible journey through the Himalayas, [Nepal], with 5 other Australians and 21 sherpas including Ming Ma [means Tuesday in
Nepalese because that was the day he was born on] the guide, chefs,assistant chefs, porters and guy in charge of digging toilet. Arrived in Kathmandu and had a day of sightseeing, the place where they cremate people on open fires, also the dead city and other incredible places. Rubbish all over the place and very crowded and everyone toots their horns for the sake of it. Mad drivers everywhere. Next day up at 3 am for hair-raising bus trip of 6 hours to Pokhara where the trek began. Then followed 8 days of hiking through rainforests, paddy fields, villages with the Annapurna ranges in the background. Fortunately because l'm a sculler [= big strong muscles] l was the fittest in the group and reached each destination first.

Also my experience as a responsible boy scout meant that sleeping in a tent was a breeze. Each night was freezing and each day hot and virtually cloudless. The most exciting thing was that l grew a beard. But now l shaved it off because it made me look too old. l videotaped the entire trek and took a lot of still photographs which came out well [everyone could be on the front page of National Geographic]. All the sherpas were great fun and a couple from Perth, my age, were great to hike with. A young couple from Queensland - accountants - had questionable outlooks on life and one woman from NSW was a basket case. Each day we trekked for between 4 and 6 hours. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. That concludes my report on my trip to Nepal. l urge ALL OF YOU to do same trek.

Annapurna Hike (Tibet 2002 )