Rubbery Figures

During the politically incorrect 1980's, RUBBERY FIGURES basically ran the government, and the 8 minute series of short films held down the time slot on the, now threatened, ABC TV leading into 4 CORNERS to build its ratings for a few years until finally the ABC had the guts to axe it. Then Steve Vizard wanted RUBBERY FIGURES on his Channel 7, hilarious and really funny, FAST FORWARD to increase the viewership of this already high rating programme on mainstream television until RUBBERY FIGURES completely overshadowed FAST FORWARD. So after a few years of this it was also axed and the puppets were either put down or put out to pasture. Here are a few of the RUBBERY FIGURES short films from their years on the ABC and then Channel 7.

Hot Air Balloon Rubbery Figures

Rubbery Figures Garage Sale

Rubbery Figures Love or Money

Gorbachev Easter gift Ronald Reagan

Headmaster Howard canes Elliott

Christopher Skase attained Royal status

Malcolm Fraser trousers mystery in Memphis

Bob Hawke acknowledges Rightful Owners

Keating to renovate Lodge

Joh Bjelke-Petersen, condoms and safe sex

Keating and Interest rates

Alan Bond kicked out of Billionaires’ Club

John Elliott Pigs Arse

Elliott hard earned thirst

Packer strings up Bond

John Cain Pyramid collapse

Elliott puts meaning in art

John Howard search for Tax Policy

Reagan Hotline

Howard Immigration Harmony

Keating Hawke marital tiff

Kennett phone swears

Keating economic surgeon

Holmesacourty not a multi-bulti squillionaire: Rubbery Figures

Rubbery Figures: Media policy with John Howard and Ian McPhee ian mcphee

Best of Rubbery Figures No 1988

Fast Forward Rubbery Figures

Rubbery Figures No.1

Rubbery Figures No.2

Rubbery Figures No.3

Rubbery Figures No.4

Rubbery Figures No.5

Rubbery Figures No.6

Rubbery Figures No.7

Rubbery Figures No.8

Rubbery Figures No.9

Rubbery Figures No.10